Heath Herring got F*#@ed Up!

heath herring ufc73

Looking at this picture you’d never guess that Minotauro Nogueira was the fighter that was nearly KO’d. Herring’s face is a disaster!

Reading the some of the message boards for post fight comments/opinions, I’m really surprised by a lot of the Herring/Nog reaction… why are so many fans giving Heath Herring so much respect?!? He hit Nog with a lucky kick that Nog ducked into (and it was NOT a high kick, it was waist level). In 3 UFC fights, Herring shows me NOTHING. He shows no killer instinct.

There are message board posts saying the ref should have stopped the fight… here’s how to stop a fight, jump on top of a downed opponent and pound away. That’s the only way to guarantee the ref will jump in there and stop the fight. Don’t stand back and ask the ref to make a judgment call. Awful. Herring should spend less time on his hair coloring and more time sharpening his jab.

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