Rich Franklin fears Anderson Silva

Holy crap this is funny. Besides Spider Silva, Franklin also fears horror movies.

Well done Fightlinker, well done indeed.


One response to “Rich Franklin fears Anderson Silva

  1. Since Dana White loves to parade the good looking, former schoolteacher, all American boy on all of the cable news networks he should just let him hover under the radar and beat up on some hacks from the Ultimate Fighter show indefinitely. Instead he put right back in the ring for what Dana thinks will be Franklin’s grand re-coronation in his home town of Cincinnati.

    White goes to bed every night dreaming of his golden boy standing victoriously over the Brazilian who can’t speak English while confetti and roses rain from the stands of the US Bank Arena. Instead Anderson Silva will be doing one of his exceptionally homosexual post fight spider-dances (the only flaw he has in the octagon) to the sound of crickets chirping while Ace is lying face down on the mat, in a pool of his own blood, having a nightmare about the second reconstructive nose job that awaits him. Rich will have no choice but to retire and Dana White will lose him forever. It is clear from this video that Rich feels the same way I do.

    I can’t help but think how appropriate it is that this is going down in Cincinnati. The home of the much-hyped Bangles that have been knocked out of the playoffs the last two years, at Paul Brown Stadium, (in the 2005 playoffs and in 2006 regular season finally) by the superior Pittsburgh Steelers. What losers!

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