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Rich Franklin fears Anderson Silva

Holy crap this is funny. Besides Spider Silva, Franklin also fears horror movies.

Well done Fightlinker, well done indeed.


Dana White: BJ Penn is next for Sherk

Dana WhiteThe guys over at have a laundry list of quotes from various Dana White interviews post UFC 73. The guy does a damn good job of keeping the MMA rumor mill churning.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

Cro Cop said if he beats Cheik Congo he wants Nogueira

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

Gurgel and Surata was fight of the night”

Hayato Sakurai is joining the UFC. We’re ready as soon as he is. He’ll fight at 170.

BJ Penn is next for Sherk. In November”

“Hope to have Fedor fighting in the UFC at the end of 2007 or early 2008

Henderson vs Rampage will be for both belts. It is a unification bout. Undisputed champ.”

Nogueira is one of the best fighters in the world. We’re going to put him in with someone very exciting”

Silva is a killer. Marquardt is very good, but Silva came down strong.”

Saw this posted first on FiveOuncesofPain

UFC 77: fight card

What: UFC 77
Sat. Oct. 20, ‘07
Where: Cincinnati, OH; U.S. Bank Arena
Fight starts: PPV starts at 9pm

Main Event:

  • Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin


  • Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans (rumored)

The undercard will be updated as fights are signed and confirmed.

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UFC 77: Cincinnati here we come

silva vs franklinThe Rich Franklin marks will be out in full force to support their hometown hero when the UFC returns to Cincinnati, Ohio on October 20th for UFC 77.

“Ace” Franklin will take on current Middleweight Champ Anderson “Spider” Silva, almost a year to the day from their first bout. Silva dismantled Franklin with crushing knee strikes from the clench at UFC 64 for a 1st round TKO. It’s Franklin’s only UFC defeat.

Cincinnati MMA fans are hardcore and should provide a great atmosphere for the PPV. At UFC 68, these fans set a record for the live attendance for an MMA event in the USA.

UFC 73: Sherk, Tito, Silva post-fight interviews did a nice job getting some quality post-fight interview videos up quickly. (they also got YouTube and DailyMotion to remove most of their copyrighted fight footage pretty quick too)

Check out Sean Sherk, Tito Ortiz, Stephan Bonnar, and Frank Edgar for some good post-fight banter. Click to view the UFC Video Gallery.

ufc73 sean sherk ufc73 stephan bonnar ufc73 tito ortiz ufc73 frankie edgar

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UFC 73: Silva vs. Marquardt video

Good quick fight. Watch it before UFC makes them take it down. Editor’s note: found a new clip, WATCH NOW before it gets removed.

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UFC 73: results and recap

ufc73 results

Main Card:
Champ Anderson Silva beats Nate Marquardt – TKO
(strikes) Rd1.
    (click to watch this fight!)
Champ Sean Sherk beats Hermes Franca – unanimous decision.
Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans – DRAW
    (click to watch this fight)
Antonio Minotauro Nogueira beats Heath Herring – unanimous decision.
Kenny Florian beats Alvin Robinson – tapout (strikes) Rd1.

Preliminary Card:
Jorge Gurgel beats Diego Saraiva – unanimous decision
Stephan Bonnar beats Mike Nickels –
tapout (rear naked choke) Rd 1.
Chris Lytle beats Jason Gilliam – tapout (triangle choke) Rd 1.
Frankie Edgar beats Mark Bocek – TKO (strikes) Rd1.

Fight Grades:
Minotauro Nogueira vs. Heath Herring – B
Nog has beat Herring now for the third time (twice in PRIDE). Good. Herring could have stunned his critics (that includes me) and finished off Minotauro in the 1st round following a HUGE kick to the head. Rogan gave it the ole “right on the button”. Instead he decided to pull of and let the ref stand it up. Nog had no idea where he was, let alone the ability to stand under his own power… why did Herring back off?!?! How bad does it look like Herring threw this fight? He came in at a portly 259lbs. Geez man take a few laps and act like you care. Minotauro deserves big props for taking one hell of a shot to the face (think Sean Salmon) and regaining his composure to pull out the victory.

Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca – A
Franca got OWNED. Sherk displayed the true meaning of “to break his spirit”. The only time Franca was walking to and from his corner. Sherk showed incredible control over his opponent. He ate some of the biggest knee strikes you’ll ever see, and did so willingly b/c each knee to the face led to a takedown.

Poor Franca got a raw deal b/c not only did he ROCK Sherk 3 times with big-time knees to the face, he also caught Sherk deep in guillotine chokes… Franca put together a highlight reel in this fight. Too bad Sherk’s dominance lasted 24 minutes and Franca’s highlights spanned about a minute of time. The only way to get this belt from Sherk is for a striker with GREAT takedown defense to step in to the cage.

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans – C+  (click to watch this fight)
Are you kidding me? This was the fight the was promoted so heavily by the UFC? This was the result of all that buildup, all that smack talk, all that BS self promotion by Tito? And they actually want us to be hyped up for Tito/Rashad II?!?!

Two VERY SIMILAR fight styles. At certain points several minutes lapsed without a single punch throw. They jockeyed for double-leg takedowns for at least half the fight. Tito: where was the dirty boxing? Where were the nasty elbows, the dominant ground-n-pound? Rashad: didn’t you watch tape of Liddell beating Tito down? Didn’t you realize the guy hates getting hit with multiple shots?

This was a step back for Ortiz and a small step up for Evans.

rockem sockem robotsAnderson Silva vs. Nate Marquardt – B+  (click to watch this fight!)
Would have liked this to go to 3 rounds to get our money’s worth from these two. Nate did a lot of talking in his UFC Countdown piece, only to get shut-up by Silva’s fists. We were really looking forward to seeing Nate take him down. And really looking forward to seeing some crazy knees from Silva. Entertaining none the less. (I hope Heath Herring was taking notes on how to finish a fight).

Spider Silva has deadly accuracy; Rogan is right, the man is surgical. He darts those fists straight into your face – Rock’em Sock’em robot style.

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