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Dana White: BJ Penn is next for Sherk

Dana WhiteThe guys over at have a laundry list of quotes from various Dana White interviews post UFC 73. The guy does a damn good job of keeping the MMA rumor mill churning.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

Cro Cop said if he beats Cheik Congo he wants Nogueira

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

Gurgel and Surata was fight of the night”

Hayato Sakurai is joining the UFC. We’re ready as soon as he is. He’ll fight at 170.

BJ Penn is next for Sherk. In November”

“Hope to have Fedor fighting in the UFC at the end of 2007 or early 2008

Henderson vs Rampage will be for both belts. It is a unification bout. Undisputed champ.”

Nogueira is one of the best fighters in the world. We’re going to put him in with someone very exciting”

Silva is a killer. Marquardt is very good, but Silva came down strong.”

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BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez: Penn denies rumor

diego sanchezUPDATED: B.J. Penn’s camp informed that the 28-year-old Hawaiian would not face Diego Sanchez in August, though the possibility wasn’t ruled out for a later date.

Note to self: stop getting caught up in online rumors that get started by UFCjunkie and Sherdog.

Nonetheless, Prodigy vs. Nightmare would be a great fight. Established force against rising star. Who wouldn’t want to watch this fight.

Hopefully it would happen later this year.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale Results

Huerta kicks EvansRoger Huerta Vs. Doug Evans
Evans came out hard with take downs and gave Huerta a lot of trouble in the beginning. Huerta had some good defense. Evans got Huerta’s back and dominated him alot in the first round. Huerta came out pissed at the beginning of round two and came with it and even though Evans showed to be really strong Huerta got a take down and went from back to side and ground and pounded into a TKO.

Floyd Sword Vs. Thales Leites
Well, Leites finally got his Arm Triangle Choke. This was the same choke he tried to get at UFC 69 when he fought Pete Sell, but was unable to do it. As soon as he landed it on Sword he pulled out of half guard and went to 45 degrees and that was it.

Maynard slams EmersonRob Emerson Vs. Gray Maynard
Emerson came out with a bald head which was different, but he fought a little better on the ground. Other than that he was about the same and was dominated by Maynard. Round one ended with Maynard on top pounding on him. Emerson limped to his corner because of an apparent rib injury on his right side. Maynard took Emerson down and left his head down in Emerson’s arm. Emerson came down and was wrought with pain and tapped out on Maynard’s arm, but Maynard rolled off in a haze. The docs said Maynard was unconscious too so they ruled it a no contest. It was weird and Maynard freaked out and said he wasn’t out. I don’t think he was completely out, but he was differently hazy because at one point when he rolled of he stuck his face deep in Emerson’s crotch.

Brandon Melendez Vs. Joe Lauzon
Joe had good take downs and Melendez wasn’t able to do much. Melendez gave up his back alot, but Joe wasn’t able to land any submissions. Round one ended with Joe having Melendez in a heel hook. Brandon finally fell into a triangle of Joe’s after rolling Joe off his back in round two and tapped out.

Manny Gamburyan Vs. Nathan Diaz
Manny came out strong and took the fight to Nate. the fight was pretty much Manny being on top and Nate trying for submissions. Round two started and immediately Manny went for a take down and popped his shoulder out of socket. He was quick to say that it happened in the fight with Joe. He was out of MMA for two years because of shoulder problems so hopefully he can keep them from happening again or the cards will be stacked against him.

Andy Wang Vs. Cole Miller
This one went about like I thought with Cole dominating from the get go. Wang just doesn’t bring anything to the MMA world even though he is supposed to be a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. Cole kicked Wang in the head and finish him with a TKO. The ref stopped it a little quick, but my crystal ball says he wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

Pulver in painJens Pulver Vs. BJ Penn
Man, I expected Jens to land a couple of punches, but other than that his defense on the ground was good. BJ was on him the whole fight mostly on the ground. BJ did a cool transition from a side back control to an arm bar, but Jens kind of fought and BJ let it go quick. BJ then got Jens in a good Triangle Choke, but it didn’t even phase Jens somehow ad he got out of it. Round two started and Penn got his back and sunk a rear naked choke in quick and Jens tapped. BJ didn’t want to let the choke go and the ref had to fight his hands loose. They hugged and all that stuff and split way with BJ wanting to go back up to 170 and Jens headed to the WEC to fight at 145. Pretty much went like everyone expected.

Thanks to Billy Gamble of Billy’s MMA Blog for contributing this post.

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