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UFC 76: fight card

What: UFC 76
Sat. Sept 22nd
Where: Anaheim, CA
Fight starts: PPV starts at 10pm

  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Lyoto Machida
  • Jon Fitch vs. Diego Sanchez
  • Mike Swick vs. Chris Leben
  • Evan Tanner vs. ???

This card will be updated as fights are signed and confirmed.

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UFC 71: Rampage “whoops Chuck’s ass”

And the NEW Light Heavyweight Champion… Quinton Rampage Jackson!!! In round one, a big right hook floors Liddell. Rampage jumps on him, then bangs on Chuck’s head a half dozen times before the ref stops it. Chuck is stunned by the loss, Rampage gives his signature howl, and Dana White begins his search for a new golden boy.

Results of rest of the UFC 71 card:

Martin beats Salaverry – TKO Rd 1. Martin wins with a big slam and hammer fists. Ivan, hang ’em up bro.

Alexander beats Jardine – TKO Rd 1. Jardine lands big shots with both hands, Alexander stays on his feet and returns the favor by caving in Jardine’s face.

karo burkmanParisyan beats Burkman – unanimous decision. Karo landed bombs throughout, it’s time to give this guy a title shot. We love watching this guy fight. He goes balls out every time he fights.

Starnes beats Leben – unanimous decision. Back and forth throughout. Both guys looked good and looked tired at different times. Leben can’t seem to locate that KO power he had from TUF.

Thomas beats Stephens – armbar submission Rd 2. Din Thomas outclassed Stephens. Smooth armbar for the victory. Welcome to the UFC Mr. Stephens.

Gouveia beats Marrero – guillotine choke submission Rd 1. Gouveia looks sharp, chopping down Marrero with kicks, which set up the chokeout victory.

Belcher beats Salmon – guillotine choke submission Rd 1. Salmon taps in under a minute. Lame fight. Salmon has had two losses in impressive fashion (KO and chokeout), not something that he wants to be known for.

Silva beats Irvin – TKO, ref stoppage. Ugly injury. Irvin gets his knee blown out as Silva slams him. Immediate stoppage by the ref.

UFC 71 – 2 fights go the distance, 1 ends with an injury, 3 submissions, and Rampage earns his first UFC championship. Overall a pretty damn good show.