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Dana White: BJ Penn is next for Sherk

Dana WhiteThe guys over at have a laundry list of quotes from various Dana White interviews post UFC 73. The guy does a damn good job of keeping the MMA rumor mill churning.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

Cro Cop said if he beats Cheik Congo he wants Nogueira

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

Gurgel and Surata was fight of the night”

Hayato Sakurai is joining the UFC. We’re ready as soon as he is. He’ll fight at 170.

BJ Penn is next for Sherk. In November”

“Hope to have Fedor fighting in the UFC at the end of 2007 or early 2008

Henderson vs Rampage will be for both belts. It is a unification bout. Undisputed champ.”

Nogueira is one of the best fighters in the world. We’re going to put him in with someone very exciting”

Silva is a killer. Marquardt is very good, but Silva came down strong.”

Saw this posted first on FiveOuncesofPain


Dana White: “I have no respect for Sherdog”

Dana White hates Sherdog

You can’t fault the man for sticking to his guns, but DAMN, it’s impossible to get out of Dana White’s doghouse:

White recently stated his disdain for and other MMA Web sites on a Sacramento radio show. Given the importance of Internet buzz in creating the UFC juggernaut, the statement was surprising.

“I have had a lot of battles with those guys,” White said. “I have no respect for Sherdog. Half their stories are a complete (expletive) lie. It’s like a tabloid.

“When you burn me like that, it’s forever. I will never trust them or like them.”

He’s pissed because Sherdog leaked TUF4 results last year, because they give a lot of coverage to K-1 and probably a host of other reasons. This from a recent interview by Brad McCray posted here (bottom of page 1 to top page 2). Luke at BloodyElbow was the first to find this gold, his opinion is here.

My opinion is that it seems sites like Sherdog and UFCjunkie sometimes post just for the sake of posting. The Bisping fighting Hamill, then Ken Shamrock, then back to Bisping thing really irritated me. I feel if it’s not from a credible source than don’t post it. But hey I completely understand the motivation behind it – post as often and as early as you can about a topic to build up a library of content; all that content is linked together; providing many, many pages for Google search results to find and multiple page views so the sites can sell lots of ads. And both Sherdog and UFCjunkie definitely do a good job selling ads.

Dana White: dissolving PRIDE… definitely one of the possibilities

Dana WhiteZuffa LLC finalized the deal to acquire PRIDE Fighting Championships several weeks ago, however no decision has been made on the future of the organization. That task is in the hands of Mr. F Bomb himself, UFC President Dana White. Diehard fans want to see PRIDE live on, with the possibility of huge PPV bouts between the top fighters of each organization. That may not happen… in a recent quote from Brawl Sports blog, White states:

One scenario that has yet to be ruled out is dissolving Pride and moving many of its fighters into the UFC.

“It’s a possibility,” White said. “There’s a lot of different things we could do right now. That is definitely one of the possibilities.”

This piece was covered by Steve in his Brawl Sports blog, read the full article here.

Unless they don’t have the corporate structure to run to separate fighting leagues, why wouldn’t Zuffa keep PRIDE going on its own? If dissolved it could create an oversaturated product like the current WWE. They absorbed WCW and ECW, now there’s too much overpaid talent and not enough rivalries. The fans of UFC and PRIDE spend hours on message boards and in bars debating which fighter and which league is more badass. That passion is also part of what fuels Dana’s pay-per-view buy rates…

Tito Ortiz & Frank Shamrock Interview – Whoop Ass Radio

Luke at BloodyElbow did an impressive interview featuring both Tito Ortiz and Frank Shamrock on his Whoop Ass Radio Show. Click to hear the interview.

Pulled from BloodyElbow, topics covered:

“With Frank we talked about everything from his upcoming fight with Phil Baroni to his thoughts on the UFC buying PRIDE. Same for Tito. He dished on his training camp, Dana White, Randy Couture’s “jealousy”, Chuck’s loss, the bet against Rampage, and most importantly, Rashad Evans. Dear God, does he ever lay into Rashad Evans.”

Click, listen and enjoy.

Tito Ortiz: Dana White is Liddell’s ‘Puppet Master’

Tito OrtizIn a great video interview posted in the UFC section, the Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz called his good ole buddy Chuck Liddell “Dana White’s puppet”.

We all know that Ortiz and White can’t stand each other and that it was stipulated in Ortiz’s contract he would have an exhibition boxing match to go 3 rounds with White. According to Ortiz, the business end of the deal fell through over what else… money. Then each guy called the other a doodyhead and they went crying to their mommies.

Chuck Liddell defends his boss by stating Ortiz was scared to fight Dana White. Tito Ortiz does a nice job of pumping up the fans for a potential Liddell vs. Ortiz III. In the video clip, Ortiz responds to Liddell’s comments:

“I guess Dana White finally let him speak. It’s kind of funny watching the puppet master let the puppet speak. It’s funny because I see Dana’s words come right out of Chuck Liddell’s mouth.”

“That wasn’t Chuck Liddell saying that stuff. That was Dana White telling him to say it. Dana knows the truth and everyone else knows the truth from my side of it.”

On his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans, Ortiz says:

“I coulda took an easy fight this next one and I told UFC, no, to give me somebody good, then said what about Rashad. I said great, he’s undefeated and in the top 10”

Again, jump to for this and other UFC video.