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Anderson Silva video: incredible striking

The more highlight video I watch of Spider Silva the more I love this guy. He is a physical freak at 185. What he lacks in bulk he makes up for in spades with height, reach, lighting quicks, and SICK leg strikes. Why does nearly every opponent look outclassed by this guy?

Luke at BloodyElbow posted this clip earlier today and tells it like it is: Nate Marquadt is in TROUBLE


UFC Knockout video: old school UFC KO’s

This is SOOOO worth a minute and a half of your time.

The most brutal KO’s of the UFC, from back in the early days. Ahh the good ole days…

Rashad Evans headkick KO of Sean Salmon

This is the hard to find video clip of Rashad Evans headkick KO of Sean Salmon from UFC Fight Night 8 in Jan ’07. Since Salmon is a lefty, he catches Evans right foot square in the mouth.

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Extreme Challenge 78: Lou Pascavage cleared to fight

Here are Lou Pascavage’s comments regarding getting KO’d from illegal kicks by a now suspended Carlos Eduardo. The guy just wants to get back into the ring. Great attitude, man.

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I watched the footage while I was hanging out in the ER waiting for my Cat Scan. My wife taped it. I had a huge double knot on the side of my head. Both shots caught me right next to each other. The Doc cleared me after two weeks and I will be fighting July 28 again. Knee and head strikes to the head are fine with me as long as I know about them before the fight. Don’t get me wrong it sucked what happened. It is not the way I wanted to win. I hope in 16 months Carlos is back fighting, because I like to welcome him back in the cage for a rematch and punch him in the face some more. lol

UFCtakedown is now a big fan of Mr. Pascavage.

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McFedries vs. Radev video clip: goodnight Jordan Radev

Here’s the clip lots of people are looking for and talking about. You’ll be wondering where the ref is when Radev gets slugged twice while unconscious on the ground.

Reportedly he was able to eventually leave the ring under his own power…

UFC Fight Night 10: results

UFC Fight Night 10 poster Results of UFC Fight Night 10 (bouts that aired on SpikeTV):

Spencer Fisher beats Sam Stout – unanimous decision. WOW, awesome fight! These dudes came out SWINGING and didn’t stop for 15 minutes. Not one takedown attempt, just lefts, rights, and a few knees sprinkled in for flavor.
Each round played out almost identically. Fisher was at the top of his game, consistently throwing solid shots. Stout seemed a bit overwhelmed by Fisher’s relentless attack. Stout did get in some big shots of his own, cutting Fisher over his right eye and a couple other places on his face. Regardless, Fisher changed levels, threw multi-punch combos, some knees, and an elbow or two. Fisher hit Stout hard, but the kid wouldn’t drop. Dana was doing his “these guys just fought a war” clap in the background as the decision was announced.
You should try to catch this on replay or UFC on Demand when they post it – worth the price of admission.

Roan Carneiro beats Jon Fitch – rear naked choke tapout Rd 2. Carneiro looked real sharp in round 1, nearly getting Fitch to tap with a sick anaconda choke. Fitch recovered nicely in round 2, cracking Carneiro with a combo square on the chin. Carneiro wobbles and Fitch jumps on him landing a flurry of punches. Carneiro manages to sweep, but Fitch’s wrestling skills allow him to switch body position and take the back. Fitch sinks in the hooks, throws a few more punches, then snakes in the rear naked choke, getting the tapout victory. Good win for Fitch who is now 6-0 in the UFC.

Thiago Tavares beats Jason Black – triangle choke tapout Rd 2. The young Tavares put a jiu-jitsu clinic on the 34 yr old railroad switchman Jason Black in this one. He showed non-stop energy and beautiful transitions. He got the mount about 6 or 7 times in less then 2 rounds; yet ended the fight on his back with a smooth transition, fighting out of a kimura and putting Black into triangle choke. Very impressive. Rogan called Thiago a “young Vitor Belfort”.

Anthony Johnson beats Chad Reiner – KO Rd 1. Can you say 13 second knockout?!?! Johnson’s left fist hit Reiner’s face with 2 BIG hooks, and Reiner’s face hit the mat with a loud thud. Ouch.

Drew McFedries beats Jordan Radev – KO Rd 1. With a left hook followed by a right uppercut, McFedries BLASTED the Bulgarian Olympic wrestler Radev. Then after Radev fell backwards to the mat, McFedries pounced and clocked him twice more before the ref dove in. McFedries is a jacked-up 185 with lethal hands. In his post fight chat with Rogan, he got all emotional, so I got up to get a snack.

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Extreme Challenge 78: results

Last night was very entertaining down at the Asbury Park Convention Hall for Extreme Challenge 78: Conquest. Where should I begin… there was a live metal band jamming riffs about 6 feet from my head; jacked-up, tattooed dudes mixing together with the “finest” Jersey Shore females; and EMTs that paid more attention to all the ass walking by than they did to poor Lewis Pascavage, who got BLASTED in the face by not one, but two illegal kicks by Carlos Eduardo. Oh yea, and we saw some good fights too.

Bret Kohan and Rob GuarinoFight of the night goes to Bret Kohan vs. Braden Bice. Kohan is a beast. Starting off this Heavyweight bout, Bice looked a little out of place. Kohan is a hulking athlete, while Bice’s physique is the “before” picture of a Stacker2 ad. Nonetheless Bice took it to Kohan with punches and getting a takedown. Kohan locked Bice in a guillotine choke and started to squeeze. Out of nowhere, Bice leans back and lifts himself with Kohan attached to his neck, then slams him to the ground. He does this AGAIN, this time Bice stacks him up high, dropping Kohan on the top of his head! Kohan shakes it off and sinks the guillotine in tight for the tapout victory. All of this action inside about 2 minutes. The crowd went f-ing ballistic.

Featherweight Blair Tugman put on a clinic against Glen Ortiz for a unanimous decision. The left side of Ortiz’s face looked like a raw porterhouse.

In a quick Welterweight battle, Tom Gallechio gets rear naked choke tapout victory over Scott Argott. At the bell, Argott threw 3 BOMBS that Tom absorbed and countered. Just as quick, Gallechio gets the takedown, secures the back, and sinks in the choke. It was a lot of action for a quick fight. The crowd was really into it the whole night. Side note, Gallechio wrote “FREE CARLOS” on his back as a shout out to fighter Carlos Moreno. Moreno’s fight against John Murphy was canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Carlos missed the fight cause he’s in jail.

The the guys on the Amateur card gave it their all too, for some of them it was their first MMA fight. EC 78 Amateur fights that had the best action:

Super Welterweight Dan Carbonal won with a nice triangle choke vs. Jon Froh.

In his first MMA match Super Middleweight Frank Bloise went 3 rounds for a unanimous decision. Both he and Patrick Rivera showed a lot of heart, but Bloise maintained pressure scoring points in the 3rd round to secure the win.

Also in his first MMA fight, fellow College of New Jersey alumi Dan Flounders lost in his debut to Taun Pham by kimura. These two weren’t supposed to fight each other, as both fighters opponents failed to make weight, Flounders bumped himself up to see his first action.

At 2:59 of the 1st round, Lester Caslow became the new Amateur Middleweight Champ. Caslow was quick on his feet, securing Ryan Vernay‘s back, pummeling Vernay’s right kidney with punches. Caslow did a nice job a posturing up to stay on the back, eventually slipping in the rear naked. Vernay didn’t tap, he went to sleep.

Adolfo SanchezAnd new Amateur Super Middleweight Champ was crowned as Adolfo ‘Dirty’ Sanchez clinched and kneed Joel Nott for 3 rounds in a unanimous decision. For an Amatuer, Sanchez looked like a Pro, keeping non-stop pressure on Nott. Sanchez kept Nott on the fence for 15 minutes, using dirty boxing and a flurry of knees to wear him down. During the fight, ‘Dirty’ Sanchez twice caught Nott in the ball-bag with a knee, getting a warning from the ref. Undaunted, Sanchez kept his head moving, changed levels, and did not let up on Nott the entire fight.

Afterward we ran into Sanchez at Pete and Elda’s (for those keeping score at home, I have 12 P&E t-shirts). There is nothing ‘dirty’ about him, Adolfo is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

HUGE thanks to Rob Guarino and the entire Rhino Fight Team for letting us hang with them, and treating us like one of the boys. Especially George Sullivan for all of his insight, thanks George!