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Ricardo Almeida talks CFFC 6, UFC, his comeback

Ricardo AlmeidaRicardo “Big Dog” Almeida is making his return to MMA, and doing so via the CFFC cage. MMAWeekly recently caught up with the former King of Pancrase in a touching interview…

Notable comments from Almeida:

Joe Silva [UFC Matchmaker] invited me back to the UFC to be a part of TUF [The Ultimate Fighter] 4 for the chance to fight for the title. I remember Matt Serra called me and was like, “Let’s go together Big Dog; it will be like old times!” I loved fighting for the UFC, I think Dana [White, UFC President] and the Fertitta Brothers [Lorenzo and Frank, UFC Owners] are visionaries and revolutionaries, but 6 weeks away from my family [to tape the show] was a big turndown.

MMAWeekly: Why did you choose the CFFC over events such as the UFC, EliteXC or even the IFL?
Almeida: As far as why Cage Fury Fighting [Championships], there’s plenty of good reasons… CFFC is paying what I think is deserved of my time and dedication, as others agreed to as well, but again, that’s only one of the reasons… I always felt like I owed my students and local crowd a good live performance.
I instantly got along with CFFC President Felix Martinez, who made me a written proposal by email, and things just moved forward from there. So far it has been a great experience; I have a lot of faith in that organization. I think they are a great addition to the MMA scene.

I feel MMA is going through big evolution now, look at guys like Sean Sherk, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva or Dan Henderson, they are amazing. I just want to be a part of this evolution, learn from being in there. Pressure — never! Motivation — tons!

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Wanderlei Silva video: this guy is violent

And I thought Anderson and Hermes had sick knees, Wanderlei defines violence in the ring.

Good luck Liddell, you’re gonna need it.

UFC 73: Ortiz vs. Evans video

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UFC 73: Sherk vs. Franca video

Clear your schedule for about 1/2 hour and Watch This Fight. Sherk gets crushed with 3 monster knees and keeps coming for more (his neck measures 27 inches). Franca is deflated by the 4th round.

Pass this around to your buds before the UFC orders them to take it down. Editor’s note: oops too late. By Sunday 7pm EST this clip was removed.

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UFC 73: Edgar breaks nose, still TKO’s Bocek

Edgar broken noseUFCtakedown will have an exclusive interview with rising star Frank “The Answer” Edgar early this week. Edgar has cleared to massive 155lb hurdles in the form of tough guy Tyson Griffin (UFC 67) and jiu-jitsu expert Mark Bocek (UFC 73).

recap pulled from
In the lightweight opener, unbeaten Frankie Edgar continued to impress, following up his February win over Tyson Griffin with a first round stoppage of Woodbridge, Ontario’s Mark Bocek.

With the exception of a broken nose and a flash knockdown scored by Bocek (4-1) in the second minute, Edgar (7-0) was in control the entire way behind crisp standup attacks and solid takedown and submission defense, never allowing his foe – a jiu-jitsu black belt – to get untracked. With the seconds ticking away in the opening around, an unanswered series of punches on the ground brought referee Jon Schorle in to halt the bout at 4:55 of the opening stanza.
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Ricardo Almeida on CFFC 6 fight card

Ricardo AlmeidaRicardo “Cachorrao” Almeida (185 lb) has been signed to fight at CFFC 6 and will take on grappler Dennis “Superman” Hallman. Almeida has his own BJJ school in New Jersey and recently cornered both Dante Rivera and Gregor Gracie in their submission victories at CFFC 5.

Coming out of retirement (he’s only 30 yrs old), Almeida states “I felt the MMA chapter was not closed in my life, and I realized that if I were to fight again some day, it would have to be now,” he said. “Of course the fact that MMA has gotten so big helped, the direction the sport has taken is exciting.”

Read the release from GRACIE Mag here.

Almeida, a former King of Pancrase, has a submission victory over UFC Middleweight contender Nate Marquardt.

Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott is scheduled to main event CFFC 6.

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CFFC 6: Kimbo calls out Tank video

Here’s good quality footage of the post-fight, in-ring interview when Kimbo challenges Tank Abbott.  Kimbo was really chill after the fight, he hung out for a long time signing autographs and huggin on the female fans.  More pictures and commentary from CFFC 5 here.

If you squint your eyes and tilt your head just so you can see me and Handsome Tom in the background cheering them on. 

Thanks to Luke and Adam for posting this first, since I’ve been so behind lately.