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Rich Franklin fears Anderson Silva

Holy crap this is funny. Besides Spider Silva, Franklin also fears horror movies.

Well done Fightlinker, well done indeed.


UFC 77: fight card

What: UFC 77
Sat. Oct. 20, ‘07
Where: Cincinnati, OH; U.S. Bank Arena
Fight starts: PPV starts at 9pm

Main Event:

  • Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin


  • Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans (rumored)

The undercard will be updated as fights are signed and confirmed.

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UFC 77: Cincinnati here we come

silva vs franklinThe Rich Franklin marks will be out in full force to support their hometown hero when the UFC returns to Cincinnati, Ohio on October 20th for UFC 77.

“Ace” Franklin will take on current Middleweight Champ Anderson “Spider” Silva, almost a year to the day from their first bout. Silva dismantled Franklin with crushing knee strikes from the clench at UFC 64 for a 1st round TKO. It’s Franklin’s only UFC defeat.

Cincinnati MMA fans are hardcore and should provide a great atmosphere for the PPV. At UFC 68, these fans set a record for the live attendance for an MMA event in the USA.

First Half of UFC 2007 – pictorial review

Wow, does a GREAT job putting together a pictorial covering the best moments of the first half of 2007. They highlighted so many awesome moments with sharp photography, some of the images include:

St. Pierre vs. Serra
Couture vs. Silvia
Rampage vs. Liddell
Rampage vs. Eastman
Edgar vs. Griffin
Cro Cop vs. Gonzaga
Huerta vs. Garcia
Fischer vs. Stout
Koscheck vs. Sanchez

and so much more.

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Koscheck vs. Sanchez Fischer vs. Stout Rampage vs Eastman Gonzaga vs. Cro Cop

Rich Franklin = lame interview

Ace with Friends

Call CNN and NBC news!!! Rich “Ace” Franklin likes to eat pizza and doesn’t like horror movies!

Fightlinker calls out Rich Franklin and the interviewer for being a complete snore. (read it here). The comments on this post make me chuckle (chuckle, chuckle).

UFC 72: results. The Griffin’s steal the show!


Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin beats Yushin Okami unanimous decision. It’s never good when the crowd boos the main event. They booed b/c Franklin was hesitant and Okami did not press the action. The 3rd round had excitement as Franklin landed hard body shots and Okami almost pulled an upset by kimura – he had it locked in deep but Franklin squirmed free before the final bell.

forrest griffin UFCForrest Griffin beats Hector Ramirez unanimous decision. Forrest Griffin just brings it. Thumping leg kicks and bruising body shots wilted Ramirez. At start of rd 3 Ramirez actually tells his corner that he can’t feel his left leg. Forrest landed a dozen vicious leg kicks, hobbling Ramirez badly into the 3rd rd. Griffin closes the fight with 2 heavy body shots and a head kick.

Jason MacDonald beats Rory Singer TKO (strikes) Rd 2. Ground and pound victory for ‘The Athlete’ getting the stoppage after securing the mount and raining punches on Singer. Singer came out on fire in Rd 1, but McDonald muscled him for his third UFC win. Nothing against Rory Singer buy its time MacDonald gets tested by a seasoned fighter instead of the 3 TUF contestants he’s fought thus far.

Tyson Griffin beats Clay Guida – split decision. CRAZY action in the fight. Amazing. Back and forth for 15 minutes, highlight film stuff from these two.
tyson griffin UFC

Marcus Davis beats Jason Tan – KO Rd 1. The hometown Irish crowd WENT NUTS over Davis’s knockout.

Eddie Sanchez beats Colin Robinson TKO (strikes) Rd 2.

Dustin Hazelett beats Steve Lynch – anaconda choke submission Rd 1.

Ed Herman beats Scott Smithrear naked choke Rd 2. Finally the COMPLETE performance we have been waiting for out of Herman.

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UFC 72: official weigh-in results

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UFC 72 “Victory”
When: Sat. June 16, ‘07
Where: Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Fight starts: PPV starts 3pm ET, vent begins 1 p.m. ET

Fresh from, here are the the official weigh-ins for Saturday’s UFC 72. All 16 fighters made weight.

  • Rich Franklin (185) vs Yushin Okami (185) – 185 lbs.
  • Forrest Griffin (204) vs Hector Ramirez (204) – 205 lbs.
  • Jason MacDonald (185) vs Rory Singer (186) – 185 lbs.
  • Tyson Griffin (155) vs Clay Guida (155) – 155 lbs.
  • Marcus Davis (169) vs Jason Tan (169) – 170 lbs.
  • Eddie Sanchez (234) vs Colin Robinson (238) – Heavyweight
  • Ed Herman (186) vs Scott Smith (185) – 185 lbs.
  • Dustin Hazelett (169) vs Steve Lynch (170) – 170 lbs.

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