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Couture’s take on UFC 73 (video)

Randy CoutureCouture is a great spokesmen for UFC and MMA in general (Dana should take some lessons from him).

NBCSports has a quick interview to hear Randy’s take on the Tito/Rashad fight and how is training is going to defend his title against Gonzaga.

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“Absolutely agree with Big John’s call on the fence”

“I was very impressed with Sean Sherk”

“Anderson Silva is as graceful as anyone you’ll ever see in the octagon”

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UFC 73: Ortiz vs. Evans video

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Dana White: BJ Penn is next for Sherk

Dana WhiteThe guys over at have a laundry list of quotes from various Dana White interviews post UFC 73. The guy does a damn good job of keeping the MMA rumor mill churning.

“I am very confident that we’ll have an HBO deal very soon.”

Cro Cop said if he beats Cheik Congo he wants Nogueira

“Would like to make the Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell for September”

Gurgel and Surata was fight of the night”

Hayato Sakurai is joining the UFC. We’re ready as soon as he is. He’ll fight at 170.

BJ Penn is next for Sherk. In November”

“Hope to have Fedor fighting in the UFC at the end of 2007 or early 2008

Henderson vs Rampage will be for both belts. It is a unification bout. Undisputed champ.”

Nogueira is one of the best fighters in the world. We’re going to put him in with someone very exciting”

Silva is a killer. Marquardt is very good, but Silva came down strong.”

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Heath Herring got F*#@ed Up!

heath herring ufc73

Looking at this picture you’d never guess that Minotauro Nogueira was the fighter that was nearly KO’d. Herring’s face is a disaster!

Reading the some of the message boards for post fight comments/opinions, I’m really surprised by a lot of the Herring/Nog reaction… why are so many fans giving Heath Herring so much respect?!? He hit Nog with a lucky kick that Nog ducked into (and it was NOT a high kick, it was waist level). In 3 UFC fights, Herring shows me NOTHING. He shows no killer instinct.

There are message board posts saying the ref should have stopped the fight… here’s how to stop a fight, jump on top of a downed opponent and pound away. That’s the only way to guarantee the ref will jump in there and stop the fight. Don’t stand back and ask the ref to make a judgment call. Awful. Herring should spend less time on his hair coloring and more time sharpening his jab.

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Sean Sherk training video

This is the UFC All Access training video of Sean Sherk. He is not human.

Watch it now before UFC gets it removed.

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UFC 73: Sherk, Tito, Silva post-fight interviews did a nice job getting some quality post-fight interview videos up quickly. (they also got YouTube and DailyMotion to remove most of their copyrighted fight footage pretty quick too)

Check out Sean Sherk, Tito Ortiz, Stephan Bonnar, and Frank Edgar for some good post-fight banter. Click to view the UFC Video Gallery.

ufc73 sean sherk ufc73 stephan bonnar ufc73 tito ortiz ufc73 frankie edgar

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UFC 73: Sherk vs. Franca video

Clear your schedule for about 1/2 hour and Watch This Fight. Sherk gets crushed with 3 monster knees and keeps coming for more (his neck measures 27 inches). Franca is deflated by the 4th round.

Pass this around to your buds before the UFC orders them to take it down. Editor’s note: oops too late. By Sunday 7pm EST this clip was removed.

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