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Wanderlei Silva video: this guy is violent

And I thought Anderson and Hermes had sick knees, Wanderlei defines violence in the ring.

Good luck Liddell, you’re gonna need it.


Rampage Jackson: he’ll whoop your ass and make you laugh

rampage liddellQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson – He gives great interviews and says completely off-the-wall stuff. Below are Rampage quotes from various interviews in both PRIDE and the UFC.

Jackson was asked how he got the name Rampage…
”My cousin gave it to me when I was eight years old, cuz I had a really bad temper.”

When asked if he would fight Mike Tyson…
“Oh, I’d whoop his ass. If I fight Mike Tyson on MMA rules, I’ll whoop his ass, he’d be on his back quick.”
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Rampage on how he got started: “My friends from college took me to a show, and these wrestlers up their kicking ass. I was like damn, you could get paid for kicking ass, and you don’t go to jail? Sign me up! 2 months later I was fighting dawg!”

Rampage UFC 71 post fight: “Man, Chuck don’t scare me. I’m here to stay, ya feel me”

Rampage UFC 71 post fight: “I do my judo with the ‘Heat’ Parisyan, Karo is black from the waist up”Karo and Rampage

Rampage UFC 71 post fight: “I’m HUGE in Japan”

Interviewer: “Chuck said in his pre-fight interview it’s gonna be a first round knockout. What do you have to say about that? First round knockout?”
Rampage: “If he plans on getting knocked out in the first round that’s his business.”

Rampage: “Trainings been good, I’ve been drinkin’ less, playin’ less video games. So tell Chuck to suck in that gut, put his hands up, and do his sh*t”

Rampage: “That money would look GOOD in my pocket. I want the money, you know what I could do that with money. You don’t know what I could do with that money, I could do some THANGS with that money”

Rampage: “When I win the PRIDE belt, I’m going to do everything with the PRIDE belt. When I’m playing video games, I will play with the PRIDE belt. When I’m taking a sh*t, I am gonna take it with the PRIDE belt. When I’m f*cking, I’m gonna f*ck with the PRIDE belt”

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in 2 years?”
Rampage: “Let’s see right now I’m 23, so in 2 years I see myself at 25”

Interviewer: “Do you feel slighted that you have to fight a ‘stronger’ fighter in the Grand Prix than Wanderlei?”
Rampage: “Slighted!? sh*t don’t use big words I’m only a fighter”

Rampage to Wanderlei Silva: “Me llamo, good gorilla! *beats his chest* “D’ya know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by a black man? That shit hurt”

Rampage SquirrelInterviewer: “Rampage, what do you see in the future outcome of this fight?”
Rampage: “Man I ain’t got no crystal ball, I just got two balls, know what I’m sayin?”

Rampage on Wanderlei Silva: “When I beat Wanderlei I’m a take his belt, pull his pants down and spank him for bein so ugly”

Interviewer: “Quinton, your thoughts on this fight..”
Rampage: “My thoughts are… I hope Wanderlei wins and wins fast, cuz I gotta go take a crap!”

Fan: “Rampage, did you always thought you were gonna be a fighter?”
Rampage: “Hell no, I thought I was gonna be a porn star!”

Interviewer: “How do you plan on beating Sakuraba (Kazushi Sakuraba)”
Rampage: “I’m gonna bring my chain in the ring, Sakuraba tapped out four Gracies, of course I’m bringin my chain wit me”

Rampage on Marvin Eastman: “I love Marvin (Eastman), he’s like a brother to me. But right now, it’s time for black on black crime.”

Rampage on Kevin Randleman: “I thought I was going to be Prides only token black guy.”

Rampage on being the champ: “Well, I just want my fans to know that when I fight, you know, I’m fighting for them. I just want them to know that if I’m gonna be the champion, I’m gonna be their favorite champion. They’re gonna love me.”